17 April 2014

What's happening in the garden?

The Sunshine Coast has had some epic rainfall over the last few weeks which means our garden is very happy!

I went outside today to see how my little organic container garden is going now that the temperature has started to drop heading into the cooler months of the year, and this is what I found...

Beetroot, chives and marigolds growing nicely in a styrofoam box. Wish the beets would hurry up though, they're taking forever! Lol

Radishes and baby carrots. It's my first time trying to grow baby carrots. Cross fingers and toes they grow well!

My first chilli's have just appeared!! I don't eat nightshades often but I want to dry these and hopefully sell them

Coriander seedlings, how cute are they! They're about ready to have the tops chopped off so they grow thicker

Beautiful yellow marigolds in bloom. We love adding the petals to our meals for colour and texture.

This is my baby - a native Australian raspberry which gives us gorgeous sweet berries every year for months and months. Love it!

Strawberries, radishes and marigolds growing in our hanging recycled gutter garden. Can't wait to get some beautiful sweet strawbs

Notice the mulch? That's actually just lemongrass leaves! I have lemongrass growing in a container, it grows super fast, so every week I trim the leaves and use as mulch throughout the containers. Works a treat, it's free and easy!!

What's growing well in your garden right now? 

If you'd like some new additions to your garden and live on the Sunshine Coast, feel free to pop by and grab some organically-grown seedlings I have for sale

Check out what I have available here: http://www.primalinfluence.com/#!plants/c19n5


5 things to be grateful for today...
1. My beautiful healthy organic garden 
2. Spending time outside gardening, getting sunshine, fresh air and earthing
3. Continually learning new things about gardening
4. Healthy teas made with herbs from the garden
5. Having friends over for dinner in the courtyard

What are you grateful for?

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