10 April 2014

Our Picnic & Games Meetup was so much fun!

Last Sunday was the Picnic and Games Meetup at the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens in Tanawha - and what a sensational day it was! It was meant to finish at 12pm but quite a few of us stayed until well after 1pm because we were having such a good time!

About 7 adults and a few kids came along which was a great turn-out. There was slacklining, eating and lots of chatting! Also, Clint spent most of the time playing frisbee, hide-and-seek and running around with all the kids. I was all talked-out afterwards while he was just plain knackered!

Thanks so much to everyone who came along - the food was delicious and the conversations sensational! Clint and I learnt a lot actually. 

One thing I didn't know, which one of our members Lauren told me was that not all grass-fed meat is technically just grass-fed because if animals are being sold at saleyards or waiting in yards at abattoirs, they are most likely standing in pens with no access to fresh grass and are instead eating grains. Meaning they'd be classed as 'grain-finished'. Which for anyone wanting to avoid grains and eat just organic/grass-fed meat, this is something to be aware of.

To find out if the meat you're buying was finished on grains you need to ask the butcher, at the very least, or go direct to the source and ask the farmers about their products. Also, if you're buying from a local source than it wouldn't be likely the animals were at saleyards or waiting at an abattoirs, but it's best to ask and be 100% certain if it's something you care about.

I mentioned to a few of the gang about the natural health practitioner we are big big BIG fans of, who may be able to assist with a lot of the health concerns talked about on the day. So for anyone who didn't get Gavin Heward's business card from me, please check out his website and feel free to give him a buz so he can explain his unique and thorough approach.

He's done amazing things for us and my mum so if we can connect others to him so they can benefit too, then YAY!!


Okay let's get to the photos from the meetup! Here they are...

Clint does a demo on how to slackline

Chris has a go next

Ross had been dying to have a proper go and here he is balancing nicely!

Absolutely deeee-lish choc brownies thanks to Lauren

Choc chip cookies made by Ross - non-paleo choc chips but the biccies were paleo-friendly!

The kids enjoy a game of tiggie. No wait, that's Clint and a couple of kids!

Avocado dip and veggie sticks is always a winning picnic food - yum!

Chris and Wendy brought date and pumpkin loaf which was amaaazing and didn't even include nuts!

Aimee's failsafe choc pudding gelatin lollies - looking slightly squished after the hot sun melted them and they then re-lollied in Ross's cooler bag!!!

Chris and Wendy enjoying a chat with other really nice paleo locals

Group shot!

Group shot with Cheryl taking the photo so Wendy can be included!

a simply stunning Autumn day for a picnic at the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens!
 What a terrific day!

Thanks again to everyone who came along, we hope you can make it to the next event :)

-Clint & Aimee

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