16 April 2014

Day trip to Booloumba Creek

We love spending time in the country so when we didn't have the internet working at home one day last week we thought it the perfect time to go for a day trip!

We chose Booloumba Creek out at Kenilworth because it's such a beautiful spot. There's plenty of nice spots to have a picnic and go for a swim.

It's so nice to breath in fresh air, go exploring, have a dip in our own private swimming hole and just totally relax.

Here are some photos from our country visit...

You know you're heading in the right direction when you have to cross through creeks!

Our picnic spot of choice. Not too shabby at all!

This was our view while we ate our picnic lunch. Hearing the sound of nature including the running creek was so relaxing and soothing
We always take the snorkles just in case we find a pool with clear water and fish
Bats. LOTS of bats. I've never seen so many!

The noisy colony was spread out on both sides of the creek

Go away clouds! Luckily most of the day was sunny, these clouds were just teasing us!

Is that beautiful or what?! Crystal clear water and colourful stones all around us 

Spent most of the day barefoot and got some major earthing

Kenilworth looking nice and green after some much-needed rain. The cattle looked happy

What the?!?! Oh it's just Clint diving! Phew! 

We stopped at Obi Obi Creek on the way home to grab a few more native fish for our tank. Clint uses the end of a pool scoop net he found ages ago!

So that was our nice day out in the country! 

I hope this inspires you to get out, go for a drive, explore the region and hopefully come across hidden gems and special places that make you feel alive. It's so easy to do and has so many health benefits!

Go on, get out there!


5 things I'm grateful for today are:

1. Day trips to the country!
2. A smart phone with a camera - so handy!
3. The rain the Sunshine Coast region has had lately
4. The herbal tea I'm drinking with plants from the garden
5. Pretty sunsets

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