19 September 2013

Why it's important to take a holiday!

How many times have you said to your partner "Hun we need to get away, have a break, relax and unwind. Let's take a holiday!" then not actually taken the step plan a holiday away?! Be honest now, you've probably done that a few times over the years..?!

So why did you get the idea to have a holiday in the first place? 

Most likely some, if not all, of these reasons were contributing factors:

  • You were under emotional stress
  • You felt the desire to experience nature
  • You weren't taking much time out for yourself 
  • You felt cooped up just being at home and at work all the time
  • You were experiencing regular sickness and lethargy

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Today we met with Jenny, the owner of Mapleton Falls Luxury Accommodation in the hinterland and felt so inspired by the beauty of her guest house and the surrounding area that we were reminded of how important it is to get away to nice places like this from time to time and to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.

Clint & Jenny standing in front of the beautiful historic guest house

Gorgeous view from the huge back veranda

We spend so much time in the workplace, at home, at the shops, and in the same ol' places day in, day out. Not only can this become boring but it also has negative effects on our health.

This is because we end up spending less time in nature, less time relaxing, less time just for ourselves and less time not thinking about work and life stressors. So of course this contributes to stress, sickness and just utter tiredness.

By taking holidays to nice places, spending time relaxing and enjoying nature we can focus on recharging the batteries. Even if we love our lives and don't feel obviously stressed or drained, it's still important to take time out for ourselves once in a while. 

Some of the benefits of taking a holiday in the country or near the water are:

  • Breathing in cleaner air
  • Walking barefoot on the grass, sand or dirt
  • Enjoying lovely views that help you feel relaxed and at peace
  • Meeting new people
  • Taking part in recreational activities such as surfing lessons, kayaking, bushwalking, bike riding etc
  • Focusing less on work, chores etc and having more time to just 'be' and do a whole lot of nothing!
  • Enjoying spending quality time with your partner or family
  • Experiencing new places - it's a big world and there are lots of amazing things to see
  • Relaxing and unwinding by getting massages and doing yoga or meditation

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Help improve your mood and your general health by taking holidays to beautiful locations and spending some time relaxing, unwinding, having fun, and soaking up the beauty around you. 

Where will your next holiday be to??

Clint & Aimee

Here are today's 5 gratefuls...

1. Spending time out in the lovely hinterland today
2. Walks on the beach
3. Meeting wonderful people and networking 
4. Fishing
5. Organic coffee! (Aimee)

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