25 September 2013

Are you drinking bone broth yet? If not, why the heck not!

Bone broth is basically just stock. But with a whole lotta health benefits than just a simple beef or vegetable stock you'd use in cooking.

Bone broth is a big part of our lives and we drink it regularly. I'm sure you're wondering why that is, so I'm going to tell you my story!

A beautiful site - freezer full of broth!

I first got onto the bone broth bandwagon late last year when a patient where I worked told me how good it was for bone and general health. The conversation sparked interest in me, mainly because I've had a degenerated intervertebral disc in my spine (between L4 and L5) for some time and it's caused me a heck of a lot of pain, stress and immobility  When I learnt how bone broth can help improve bone and joint strength I knew I just had to try it.

So I did some research. The info wasn't hard to find because I was already inside the 'paleo-sphere' and of course bone broth is big in the paleo/primal circles. When I read about how it can actually put cartilage back into bones and joints, that was it, I was trying it!

In November I started making it at home and drinking it daily. Within just 2 weeks I noticed less back pain. Over the following weeks and months the pain reduced so much that it was non-existent for about 90% of the time! That was HUGE for me because up until then I was in pain every day. Some days I was in pain most of the day. I was loving this no pain thing, I can tell you!

For the past few years I'd been experiencing pain at the site of the problem and also often down my right leg. I was limited to how much exercise and general movement I could do. I also had to be careful how I sat, and for how long. I couldn't even sit down casually with one leg underneath me for a couple of minutes or I'd quickly pay for it. The only exercise I was able to do for a long time was walking. Boring! I enjoy walking, I've always walked, but just walking gets kinda frustrating, especially when I used to do kickboxing, running and lifting heavy weights. I'd try and do some boxing or something else if I'd not had pain for a couple of days but the pain always came back really quickly and with more intensity as a result.

But I'm happy to report that since drinking bone broth, my pain is almost gone! It's not fixed but for most of the day and usually for days on end, I don't feel any pain whatsoever. I can now do more exercise and movement with no problem.

I'm still cautious and I don't overdo anything because I don't like pain and I don't want to feel more of it if I can help it! I still need to incorporate pain-prevention techniques and certain lifestyle factors to maintain my back but I can say with 100% certainty that bone broth has dramatically improved my back health.

Now I don't drink it every day but I always have some in the freezer and I'd probably drink it about 2-5 times a week. 

Bone broth doesn't just reduce pain. It has many other health benefits. It really is amazing stuff!

PLUS: it's super easy to make, it's really cheap, it's easy to store, and it's real food and not a synthetic supplement.

So now you're probably wondering how this weird-sounding concoction does such amazing things... right? 

There's stacks of info about bone broth on the internet, but here's a great article given to me by Graeme Sait from Nutri-Tech. Graeme has kindly allowed me to pass on this article to anyone who wants to learn about the beauty of bone broth.

It's a few pages in length but I strongly urge you to take a few minutes to read through.

Download the article and recipe here


Here are today's 5 gratefuls...

1. Going for a walk on the beach this evening with Clint
2. Meeting really amazing and interesting people on the Coast, to be friends with and network with
3. Our family
4. Our cool car
5. Country music!

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