5 May 2014

Meet a Meetup Group Member: Cheryl

The Sunshine Coast Paleo/Primal/Real Food Meetup Group is a joy to hose and it's so rewarding for both Clint and I.

Not only do we get a chance to share our knowledge and experiences with others but we also get to learn stacks of valuable and interesting information from our members.

From swapping yummy recipes to getting together for meetups... the group has so many facets and so many amazing members.

We've recently gotten to know member Cheryl and are actually going to her house for our next meetup. Cheryl lives in Buderim and has kindly offered to host us for a Dinner and Chat Meetup where she'll have a fire pit for us to sit around, eat yummy food, and chat!

It's something a bit different to the usual picnic-style meetups and a good chance to get to know some members of the group who don't often go to those outdoor gatherings.

We thought this'd be a perfect time to blog about Cheryl, as she's got an interesting and unique story to tell with her journey to good health and how paleo fits into that.

So... let me introduce to you one of our amazing meetup group members... Cheryl!!

Us: Tell us a bit about yourself and your health journey
Cheryl: Last year as part of a program to lose the 10kg I had put on, I began the paleo journey..
And kept going from there. The weight had crept up after I had a back injury stopped
me doing sport and lots of active pursuits. After a few months on the paleo
I noticed that the lower back pain was improving, so altogether I will never go back to the old ways.

Us: How long have you been interested in the paleo lifestyle and what got you into it in the first place?
Cheryl: I always had an interest in organic food and healthy eating, though now these options don’t always align with the paleo selection of food. 

I was finding that the yummy things I craved like cakes, muffins etc were all giving me cramps, so I decided to cut them out of my diet altogether … it made such a difference.

Us: Do you have a lot of support from family and friends along your health journey?
Cheryl: No, this seems so far to be a solo effort, very few people I know have even heard of the term 'Paleo' … so I have been telling people that I am eating much better without dairy, grains etc and that I'm feeling much happier.

Us: What do you enjoy about the paleo lifestyle and what is one of your favourite recipes to make at home?
Cheryl: I haven’t fully engulfed the lifestyle (active part), I seem to just do lots of walking.
I don’t bake/cook heaps, but really enjoy stir-fries which are the one-pan-wonders I do each night … lean protein and seasonal veges .. though I am LOVING the single spices and combinations that are dried .. they really give a zing to an ordinary meal flavour.

Us: What are your personal health and wellness goals for the future?
Cheryl: Keeping active each day, so continuing to walk and start to add some other activities in. I am still to get a slow cooker which will be a real change from the stir-fry meals. 
I have been adding gelatin to a lot of meals, so I plan to continue this new regime.

Us: What advice would you give to people going through a similar situation to you?
Cheryl: Lots of reading, asking questions, and checking out the internet for new ideas for cooking. And meeting the group has been fantastic, to share ideas.

Us: What is your favourite quote or affirmation and why?
Cheryl: “Life is like riding a bicycle.. to keep your balance you must keep moving forward” ~Albert Einstein

We all go through down patches in life and it is easy to get stuck there .. so my aim is to follow this quote, with all facets of life.

Us: You’re hosting us for one of our May meetups, why have you offered your home to us and what are you looking forward to from the event?
Cheryl: I have an art studio here with enough tables and chairs which prompted me to be part of the invite. There is a vintage wheel barrow which I plan to make into a fire pit, so that will provide

Us: What are your favourite books, DVD’s, websites etc relating to health and wellness? And who inspires you?
Cheryl: I am always Googling recipes .. the website that comes up the most for my research is Paleo Mom and The Merrymaker Sisters.

Us: Please feel free to add any extra information or comments
Cheryl: When in Brisbane I make a habit to getting to the Paleo Café in North Lakes (just new) or Paddington, and Primal Pantry in Tenerife for awesome food. Ground Café has a wonderful selection which suits the paleo as well.

For all the details on the Dinner and Chat Meetup at Cheryl's house on Sat 10 May (this weekend!) please click here

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for your time Cheryl and for sharing your journey with us!


5 things I'm grateful for today are:
1. Our completely private balcony where I lie and get loads of sunshine on my skin
2. Sunny Autumn days
3. My birthday tomorrow!
4. Lovely and kind meetup group members
5. Slow cooker meals

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