12 March 2014

Camping is our fave kinda holiday

We love camping and we make it a point to go on a 2 or 3 night camping trip at least 2-3 times a year. 

Last week we went away for 3 nights but we hadn't been camping by ourselves for over a year! Um ma! So this was a very much long overdue holiday!

We usually go bush camping and choose to go on weekdays so we can enjoy as much peace and quiet among nature as possible (boy, won't that change when we have kids some day!). This trip we tried a new spot - Archer Creek Camp Area in the D'Aguilar National Park in South East QLD.

It was a great few days away and, as usual, went by far too quickly - we're already looking forward to the next trip!

Camping is by far our favourite type of holiday I guess mainly because it links in with our passion for living a primal lifestyle; being outside among nature, living without technology and many creature comforts, sitting by and cooking on a fire, the sounds of nature all around, breathing in the fresh country air, exploring, climbing and playing.. it feels really natural for us and really fulfilling also.

We had such a good time last week and saw some cool things so we thought why not share some snaps with you guys?!

Here they are...

Clint chopping firewood. Notice the 'workboots'?!

Camp site is all set up and a fire is crackling. Our awesome home for 4 days!

Dusk through the trees. What a sight.

Hello Mr Green Snake in a tree. One of many snakes we saw this trip!

Chook, veg and rosemary in the camp oven, ready to go into the fire pit to cook. YUM!
Camp oven in the fire pit, cooking us some awesome food!

Plenty of kookaburras kept us company over the 4 days and by the 3rd they were so friendly they came this close to us!
Beautiful scenery like this is one of the reasons we go camping in the country

Nothing beats brekkie of bacon and eggs cooked on the fire

Pretty tail feather left by one of our kookaburra friends - probably while they were trying to sneak in closer to steal some of our food!

Kayaking on Archer Creek alongside the camp ground. Crystal clear water.

Our camp oven paleo curry was so good that even the goanna's wanted some!

Shoo goanna, go on, get!

Where there's trees and grass there's Clint slacklining!

So that was our camping trip. It was so nice and so relaxing, we are SO looking forward to the next holiday!

Where do you like to go camping?


5 things I'm grateful for today:

1. Camping!
2. A bit of rain and a bit of sun while camping
3. Living so close to such beautiful places
4. Fishing and kayaking on stunning creeks and rivers
5. Getting away and recharging the batteries

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