6 January 2014

What's happening in 2014?

Hi everyone! Clint here...

I hope this finds you well in the New Year. I want to give you a quick update on our goals for Primal Influence for 2014 so you can keep up with all the exciting plans we have in store…

1-on-1 Health & Fitness Coaching Sessions are still available and are of super high value with all the connections clients are given within our Business Alliance.  My clients also get a free photo shoot at the end of the program to celebrate their success and achievements!

Why train by yourself when you can play with a friend?! Partner Sessions are also available and help make it even more affordable to work with a trainer.  These sessions are suitable for friends or couples and make the sessions even more fun with someone extra to laugh and carry on with.

For those who want to train within a group in a fun and supportive environment, Primal Group Training is available. Classes are held at various parks and beaches and allow a maximum of only 8 participants to ensure personal attention is still provided.

Fun fitness is throwing sand bags around on the beach!

Primal Online:  You don’t live close enough, but still want my expert guidance?  Then this program will suit you.  I chat with my Primal Online clients via Skype or phone and I provide weekly challenges to help keep them on track and motivated.

The MindBodyReboot is the perfect program for those who need to reboot their lifestyle.  This full 30 day online program focuses on nutrition, movement and mindset, mixed in with a tonne of other extra goodies.  Endorsed by an integrated Naturopath and Nutritionist, it’s the perfect way to get your health and fitness on track.

So they’re all the training programs Primal Influence is offering, but 2014 will also be a big year as we’re launching Primal Influence TV! Please send in any health and fitness-related questions you have and have them answered on our YouTube channel by us and a variety of relevant experts spread across the country.

We are currently in the process of teaming up with a cooking expert to bring you a Paleo Movement and Cooking Workshop early in the year (don’t worry, I’ll be running the movement part of the seminar not the cooking part!) so we’re pretty excited about that.

We also hope 2014 is going to be a big year of donations for our local charity The Special Olympics. Anyone who uses the Primal Trial Pack which is 3x 30min 1-on-1 intro sessions with me is donating 100% of the $20 fee to this worthy charity, as are newbies to the Primal Group Training sessions ($5 first class). We hope at the end of this year we can announce a huge total was donated to them, they really need it.

On a personal note...

The end of 2013 saw me propose to my wonderful girlfriend of 6.5 years and she said yes! So this year will no doubt involve a lot of wedding planning! Aimee’s already in the process of planning our paleo-friendly engagement doo!

My personal goals for the year ahead include completing The Spartan Race in Ipswich in March, which is apparently tougher than Tough Mudder. I’ll be training for it using natural and primal movements, so I can show everyone really just how beneficial this style of training is for overall strength and fitness.

I also aim to get a few more particular qualifications under my belt so I can help my clients even more, and take the business to the next step.

So that’s it, that’s what 2014 has in store for Primal Influence!

Thanks for all the support you’ve already shown us. We hope you continue to support us into the future :)


P.S. Be sure to check out our website for lots of cool stuff (primal movement, sustainability, organic gardening, program info and loads more) as well as staying in touch via our Facebook page

Please feel free to share this information with everyone you know so we can help make 2014 a successful year for EVERYONE!

“Primal Influence is not just about another personal trainer making you do sets and reps; we pride ourselves on helping people simplify their lifestyle to make everything easier”

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