18 November 2013

My new favourite kitchen gadget!

I totally love my Spirooli!

"A spir... what?" I hear you ask! A Spirooli! It's only the coolest kitchen gadget I've ever seen!

These funky little doo-dads make vegetable spirals, or rather, noodles. So for anyone avoiding gluten and grains, the idea of being able to make a healthy noodle or pasta dish is quite exciting!

The most popular veggie to 'noodle' is raw zuchinni (which I like to call 'zoodles'!) because it's soft, long and slices easily. The texture of raw zucchini noodles is very similar to spaghetti. 

Other veggies that work well are carrots, large radish which produce a really pretty white and pink colour combo, cucumber, some pumpkin varieties, potato and sweet potato and also apple.

The Spirooli has 3 different slicing tools; a small noodle (my fave), larger noodle size and also a thin round slicing size.

Quite often I make a paleo spaghetti bolognese to go with a bowl of raw zucchini noodles. It's delicious, super healthy and really easy to make.

On the weekend I noticed the fridge was getting pretty bare but I had zucchini, pork mince and some eggs so I made a paleo mayo, fried the mince, made noodles and just mixed it all together for a simple creamy noodle mince dish.

pork mince, zoodles, paleo mayo - random combo but definitely worked!

chicken breast pieces, herb avocado pesto, cherry tomatoes and zoodles - fresh and tasty
Y'know what else is cool? The Spirooli machine has suction cap feet so it stays still on the benchtop while you're winding the handle around to make noodles. Also it's incredibly easy to clean. I only like gadgets and appliances that are easy to maintain and this definitely is.

If you'd like to own one of these neat little noodle making machines you can order one through the Primal Pantry catalogue! Click the image below to visit the website and download the catalogue and order form.

What kinda noodles will you make?

 Primal Pantry

If you have any favourite raw pasta recipes you'd like to share, please add them in a comment below!

I'm off to go make some zoodles for dinner! See you next time...


My 5 gratefuls today:
1. Meeting Viki from MindBodyFood today
2. The rain we've had over the weekend
3. Our meet-up group and all the cool people we meet
4. Swimming at the beach when there's no waves (I like it calm!)
5. Winning a bottle of organic rose hip oil and getting it in the mail today!

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