16 October 2013

Do something that scares you!

During the process of creating the MindBodyReboot program we decided it’d be really cool to include videos and audio files. The only problem was, I was making the videos and audios by myself, just me, no help, and as I’d never done anything like this before, it was definitely going to push me outside my comfort zone…. way outside! 

At first I was quite daunted by the task of creating professional videos and audio files from scratch. But once I started I realised how easy it actually is. With the constant evolution of technology, making audios and videos these days is not such a big deal.  Any caveman can do it!

Since taking the first step and getting stuck into the project, I’ve overcome what I was initially afraid of and I’ve had some time to wonder, ‘what else is my comfort zone holding me back from achieving?’.  When I figure that out and I tackle some more fears, I’ll let you know!

Now my question to you is; when was the last time you went outside your comfort zone and did something you were a bit scared of doing?

If it’s been a while then I can help you make a start in breaking down the barriers. 

THE CHALLENGE:  For those of you who live near a lake, a beach or a river I want you to go and jump into the freezing water! For those of you who don’t have any of these options then turn your shower on to freezing cold and hop under!  This seemingly simple exercise is still very challenging. And cold! 

Break free of the restraints of your comfort zone and soar high like an eagle

Let us know how you go!

Now’s the time to break through the restricting walls of your comfort zone and create the best life possible.


5 things I am grateful for:
  1. People reading and taking in our information
  2. Sunny days
  3. Surface fishing for bass
  4. Getting out in nature
  5. The positive and happy people in our lives

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